God is speaking today to many people, and not just those with well-known names.

Our God is alive, and He is speaking to regular folks like you, like me.  

More than ever before, the world is ripe to hear the gospel message. And more than ever before, we have tools to deliver that message of hope—of our redemption through Christ’s Love— to a world that desperately needs it.

Thanks to the internet, we can send that message to places that we may never travel personally.  All it takes is a willingness to share our testimonies via a blog to encourage others worldwide and point them to Christ.

With that in mind, I wanted to share the tools I use to share encouragement through this blog to people around the world. Full disclosure here, these are affiliate links that will ultimately keep this blog going.  My personal commitment to you is that I will only share tools that I personally use and trust.  If that trust is broken, I’ll remove them from the list.

If you choose to purchase any of the tools from my affiliate links, please send me any questions you have about how to best use them.  I’ll answer questions via email to get you started.  


Book Formatting and Design for Self Publishers:

Vellum (A game changer for authors! I used this to easily publish my latest book, 40 Prayers for Perilous Times)

Hosting: Siteground

Webinars:  Webinar Ninja

Landing Pages: Landingi