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Turn Back to Your God-given Vision!

Has God Given You a Vision? Something wonderful whispered to you on a quiet night when all you could hear was the wind in the trees and your breath in the air? Did it flash across your mind’s eye on an all-too ordinary day, looking out of the kitchen window, washing dishes when there it was? When suddenly knew that you had something special to do? I am convinced that God has a calling — a special purpose or divinely inspired task — for each of His children.

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Join the Online Study of Autism’s Hidden Blessings! Just a few days left to sign up!

98 people have signed up for the first online study of Autism’s Hidden Blessings. I am so excited to get started on May 1st. If you have signed up, in the next few days you will receive an e-newsletter with details about the study.  If you haven’t signed up and are interested, you can still sign up for now at

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