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Can Faith Really Strengthen Parents for the Autism Journey?

God sent the very best advocate we could ever have for our child! This advocate is one that we don’t have to seek out. We won’t need to place a second (or third) mortgage on our house to afford His services. He knows everything about our child: their innermost thoughts, the words they say (or cannot say), and the structure of every cell in their body.

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Join the Online Study of Autism’s Hidden Blessings! Just a few days left to sign up!

98 people have signed up for the first online study of Autism’s Hidden Blessings. I am so excited to get started on May 1st. If you have signed up, in the next few days you will receive an e-newsletter with details about the study.  If you haven’t signed up and are interested, you can still sign up for now at https://www.kellylangston.com.

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